1. 14" Round Mirror

    14 inch round mirror centerpiece

  2. 12" Hurricane w/glass plate

    12 inch hurricane glass and plate centerpiece

  3. 11" Silver Candlestick

    11 inch silver candlestick

  4. 10" High Silver 3-Light Candelabra

    10 inch high silver 3 candle candelabra

  5. 14" High Silver 3-Light Candelabra

    14 inch high silver 3 candle candelabra

  6. 14" High Silver 5-Light Candelabra

    14 inch silver 5 candle candelabra

  7. Votive Holder

    glass votive holder

  8. Votive Candle

    votive candle

  9. 12" Shallow Glass Bowl

    12 inch shallow glass bowl centerpiece

  10. Silver Beaded Shade w/ Candle

    silver beaded shade with candle

  11. Glass Vase Straight Cylinder - 10"

    10 inch glass vase straight cylinder centerpiece

  1. 20" x 60" Rectangular Mirror

    20 inch by 60 inch rectangular mirror

  2. White Arbor

    white arbor
    Outer Dimensions - 41.25"W x 87"H x 27"D
    **Flowers not included

  3. Cloth Chuppah

    Cloth Chuppah

    **Flowers not included

  4. Natural Wood Room Divider

    natural wood room divider

  5. White Lamp Post

    white lamp post

  6. Coat Rack

    Holds up to 40 lightweight coats or 30 winter coats.
    coat rack

  7. Hangers

    coat hangers

  1. Mirror Ball

    mirror ball used for dances

  2. Ficus Tree

    4 foot plastic ficus tree with wicker base

  3. 9ft Market Umbrella

    9 foot market umbrella

    * colors available khaki or gery
    * cast iron umbrella stand available

  4. Wood Easel

    wood easel used for presentations

Decor Rental hints

You have picked out your theme, tables, chairs, linen, flatware, and glassware and now it is time to put together the finishing touches with decor. Your needs might be as simple as some round mirrors for the table setting or a classical candelabra. Or you may want to spice up your dance with a mirror ball. Or you may be looking for the hard to find cloth chuppah. Check out the rental decor we have to offer to finish off your event which includes: round mirror, glass plate, candlestick, candelabra, votive holder, votive candle, glass bowl, glass vase, rectangular mirror, arbor, chuppah, room divider, lamp post, coat rack, coat hanger, mirror ball, ficus tree, umbrella, and wood easel.

Our fully equiped showroom which has most of our decor on display, is conveniently located in Georgetown the edge of Ridgefield, Wilton, Redding, Danbury, Bethel, Weston, & Norwalk in Fairfield County, CT. This allows for easy access to visit our showroom and check out our rental decor or other rental items and thus to serve you better for your tent rental, party rental, wedding rental, and other event needs. Serving Fairfield County CT, Litchfield County CT, and Westchester County New York Including but not limited to these main cities: Georgetown, Ridgefield, Wilton, Weston, Danbury, Brookfield, Bethel, Norwalk, New Canaan, New Milford, Stanford, Washington, South Salem, and North Salem.

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