Heating Equipment
  1. 6 Burner Commercial Oven

  2. Deep Fryer

    Image coming soon
    Operating Instructions

  3. Large Convection Oven

    Can use 1/2 size sheet pans in oven.
    large convection oven
    Operating Instructions

  4. Heating Cabinet - Full Size

    Holds full size sheet pans
    full size catering heat cabinet

  5. Heating Cabinet - 1/3 Size

    Holds full size sheet pans
    Image Coming Soon!

  6. Charcoal Grill - 5'

  7. Propane Grill - 6'

  8. Grill Tool Set

    Image Coming Soon!

  9. Bakers Rack

    full size catering bakers rack

  10. Dual Stackable Cambro

    caterers dual stackable cambro heating cabinet

  11. Heat Lamp w/Flex Cord

    caterers heat lamp with flex cord

  12. Portable Butane Burner

    portable one burner butane cooktop

  13. Single Propane Burner

    Requires 20lb. Propane Tank
    Lasts 2 Hours on High Heat, 4 hours on Low Heat
    image coming soon

  14. Stock Pots

    30 qt. with Basket
    40 qt. with Basket
    60 qt. with Basket
    large cooking stock pot

Cooling Equipment
  1. Super Cooler

    super cooler keg cooler

  2. Small Ice Chest - 36 qt.

    Holds 56 cans without ice
    small 36 quart ice chest

  3. Medium Ice Chest - 70 qt.

    Holds 101 cans without ice.
    Image Coming Soon!

  4. Large Ice Chest - 165 qt.

    Holds 266 cans without ice.
    large 165 quart ice chest

  5. White Ice Tub

    white ice tub

  6. Ice Buffet - Acrylic with Black Iron Stand

    Image coming soon!
    An elegant way to serve chilled food. Equipped with a drain, the melted ice will not flood display. Size - 22" x 36"

  7. Galvanized Ice Tub

    galvanized ice tub

  8. Stainless Ice Tub

    stainless ice tub

  9. Insulated Cambro 5 gallon w/ spigot

  1. Wood Cutting Board

    Various Sizes Available
    wood cutting board

  2. Plate Cover

    plate covers with a cooling vent for keeping the food warm

  3. Trash Can - 10 gallon

    10 gallon trash can

  4. Electric Warming Tray

    Image Coming Soon!

  5. Bus Tubs

    Image Coming Soon!

  6. Sheet Pan - 18" x 26"

    18 inch by 26 inch caterers sheet pan

  7. Half Sheet Pan - 13" x 18"

    13 inch by 18 inch catering sheet pan

Catering Equipment Rental hints

Whether you are a caterer or are catering your own event, we have a complete set of catering equipment to meet your needs. Even when you have your own equipment, rental industrial quality catering equipment can make your event go smoother. Rental Heating Equipment available includes: a 6 burner commercial oven, large convection oven, heating cabinet, propane grill, charcoal grill, grill tool set, bakers rack, dual stackable cambro, heat lamp with flex cord, portable butane burner, single propane burner, and a stock pot. Rental Cooling Equipment available includes: a supoer cooler, ice chest, ice tub, ice buffet, and insulated cambro with spigot. In addition to the rental heating and rental cooking equipment we have available a cutting board, plate cover, trash can, electric warming tray, bus tubs, and sheet pan for your catering rental needs.

The rental showroom is centrally located on the edge of Danbury, Bethel, Redding, Norwalk, Wilton, Ridgefield, Weston, & in Fairfield County, Connecticut. This allows us to serve you better for your tent rental, party rental, wedding rental, and other events that require catering equipment. Most of our rental catering equipment is in our warehouse so we can reserve space for table setting, linen, and serving equipment. Serving Litchfield County CT, Fairfield County CT, and Westchester County NY Including these main cities: Ridgefield, Wilton, Weston, Norwalk, New Canaan, New Milford, Redding, Danbury, Brookfield, Bethel, Westport, Stanford, Washington, North Salem, and South Salem.

Rent your catering equipment (grill, bbq, oven, ice chest, cooler, cabinet, tub, cutting board, cambro, pan, and more) from Events today!